Frequently Asked Questions

Posting Events:

How do I post an event to the calendar? 

Click on the “Submit Event” button near the top of the calendar.  You will need a Time.ly login to submit an event.  If you do not want to create a Time.ly login, you may submit your event by using the form on the Contact page.  If you submit your event using the contact form, please include the information indicated below.  If you submit your information using the contact form, and would like to promote your event through the Featured Event or Featured Event Slider, or make the suggested $2.00 listing donation, please indicate that in your message, and we will send you a PayPal invoice.  You MUST also include your contact information, including your email address, if you submit an event via the contact form.

What information do I need to provide to submit an event? 

We want the calendar to be a helpful and accurate platform.  Please plan to include the following information:  Name of event, date and time of event, location, event host/sponsor, cost, URL to event site or registration page, information about learning objectives, and name/information about presenter(s).  Please also include a link to the image you would like to include in your listing.

Do I need to include a photo?

No, however, it does make your listing more interesting, and listings with images tend to draw more attention.  Ideas for photos/images might be the graphic for your event, your organization logo, a head shot of the presenter(s), photos from a past presentation, etc.  If you do not include a photo, the graphic will be the LEARN Mental Health MN logo.

What if I need to edit my event after it has already been submitted?

If you submitted your event through Time.ly, you may be able to edit your event and have your edits auto-generate to the LEARN Mental Health MN calendar.  If you update your event through Time.ly, and do not see the changes populate to the LEARN Mental Health MN calendar, you will need to submit your edits through the contact form.  This happens in some cases when we enable functions that make your event more searchable/find-able, or when LEARN Mental Health MN needs to edit your post.

If you submitted your event through the LEARN Mental Health contact form, please get in touch with us to let us know your updates/edits.  We will make the changes soon as possible, based on staff/volunteer availability (usually within 1-3 business days).

I was going to add my event, but it’s already listed.

Sometimes our volunteers or members from the community add events they are interested in attending or promoting.  We view this as a benefit of our system, and congruent with our goals to promote continuing education, and provide free or low cost event promotion for local providers.  If you would like to control your event listing (and be able to choose Featured Event options), please create a duplicate event using the “Submit Event” button on the calendar, and send us a message using the contact form.  Once your listing is approved, the other listing will be deleted.

Why does my event need to be approved?

Because this is a community calendar, anyone with a Time.ly login can submit events.  The focus of LEARN Mental Health MN is specific to providing information about training/continuing education/professional development events for mental health providers in Minnesota.  We check each listing to ensure that the information is complete and accurate, and that it is related to the goals and purpose of LEARN Mental Health MN.  This also helps prevent spam and clutter on the calendar.

My event is listed, but I don’t want it on the calendar.

If you submitted your event, you may log into your Time.ly account and delete it.  If a community member or volunteer submitted your event, use the form on the Contact page and we will get it deleted.



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